RADIO VACARME is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels and founded in September 2021. RV promotes feminist and queer artists, in Belgium and abroad. It is a collaborative space where we broadcast recorded and/or live shows, dj sets, podcasts, interviews... RV is not only a webradio and collective place, but also a safe space for talks, creativity, artistic and cultural production, where women and people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome, included and non-stigmatised, in a perspective of permanent education and awareness-raising, to avoid marginalisation and social exclusion. By making this participatory tool available to residents, they can win the media and public space back.

Who’s involved in it?

We are 4 co-founders to coordinate the project, 1 intern, 2 volunteers and we have a community of more than 40 residents (people who host a radio show on radio vacarme). RV wants to build a community together with the residents, who participate at different levels in the development of this collective project and its activities. They create their own radio shows, in harmony with the values and mission of RV. The community aim is to expand with new residents as things progress.

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

The project was initiated by one of the founders, a radio enthusiast (and radio host), and built by and with 3 other collaborators. Together, we share similar values and desires: giving the necessary space for expression and creation to different groups of people who experience invisibilization on a daily basis, including women and queer people. Immersed in all social and cultural backgrounds, we are committed to bringing together several essential aspects of our lives: activism, culture and music.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

Our first DJ set for RADIO VACARME in Esperanzah last summer. We were so stressed and had been preparing the set for several weeks, with a lot and a lot of going back with our musical selection. But when we were together on stage, the feeling was amazing, and our energy was totally matching and empowering. Alongside the project coordination, we are learning to mix because we love electronic music, and the art to create. We are inspired by our residents and their world, so it's an amazing example for us to find a place in the artistic side of this project also :)

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

Recyclart, LaVallée, That's What X Said, L'accroche, Brasserie iLLeGaaL, beursschouwburg, Atelier 210...

Could you describe the accessibility of your space?

For now, we have a temporary studio in ILLegaaL breweries waiting for our radio kiosk to be ready. It will be in the brewerie's courtyard. The current studio is wheelchair accessible, but not the toilets unfortunately. No stairs for the studio. There are 1 or 2 sturdy chairs without armrests. It's kind of excentred unfortunately. The brewery is located in the industrial zone between Anderlecht and Forest. From Gare du Midi, there are buses 78 and 73 which stop respectively at the "Bollinckx" stop and at the "Boulevard international" stop. There is space to park in front, as well as bicycle garages.

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?

Our studio is located at : 3oo rue Bollinckx - 1190 Forest, we are live a few days during the week, depends of the week and the programmation :)
You can listen to the radio on everyday except saturday from 6pm to late and there you can also listen to our residents last shows.


*based on queer archives