Naast Monique

Naast Monique is a queer space in Anderlecht. The purpose of this place is to host all kinds of events run for and by womxn, trans, bi, fags, dykes, queers... such as shows, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, artistic residencies, meetings etc—and to offer a friendly meeting place for and by our communities.
Naast Monique is a self managed place run by a small collective and functions in a horizontal and participative way. We hold dear the principles of inclusivity, warmth and openness for all of us. Every activity we host is accessible to all, the entrance is always on donation and anyone who shares our values can suggest and organize activities here. Naast Monique also hosts:
La Foudre: a queer feminist library
Dynamonik: a diy bike repair shop
La Sale Coiff': a diy hair salon, and also a dragroom and a freeshop with clothes and food "recup".

Who’s involved in it?

10 to 20 people (depending on their availability) are part of the collective that take decisions, run specific comission and meet regularly. We are open to welcome new volunteers who want to contribute to the project occasionally.

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

This building brought all of us together in 2019. We were part of different collectives at the time (queer or mixed) and welcomed the news of (finally) an occupation for queers in Brussels with a great amount of excitement and joy. We were very motivated because we have been waiting for this opportunity for a few years. We wanted to offer an alternative space for queers, a safer and caring space for parties, activities, construction projects, meetings, activism, etc.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

So many of them... In March 22 we were ready to leave the building with no other solution. We started our grieving process and planned how to empty the place when we learned we could stay at least until August 2023 !

Could you describe the accessibility of your space?

The groundfloor is wheelchair accessible, as well as one toilet. Unfortunately there are stairs to get to the first floor (where the library and the activity room are) and we cannot put a ramp there. Transports 81 and 46 Albert 1er, Metro 5-1 Aumale, 6-2 Delacroix

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?

Quai de l'industrie 230, Anderlecht
We are open every wednesday from 5pm to 9pm for the Café Queer
We send all of our activities info via our newsletter
La Foudre

Naast Monique, 2022

*based on queer archives