Alt x ≈

Alt x ≈ is a multi-shape event that practices and thinks about genders and sexualities in a festival shape it does so with workshops, exhibitions, performances and discussions. During a weekend, we tackle the presuppositions and stereotypes relating to our gender visions and our ways of doing sex. When it's a residency it's 10 days with artists that focus on a similar topic and exchange their reflexions while working on their own projects.

Who's involved in it ?

When Alt x ≈ was happening in Belgium and was a festival we were 2 organisers Leïla La Boubou and Avril Sarlat both queer, Leïla being a person of color, Avril being white. During the festival we had great artistic, logistic teams and friends coming to help even more. The artistic team was having workshops, perfomances, screening, exhibitons. The logistic team was taking care of welcoming people, serving at the bar, cooking, etc. Now that Avril moved out of Belgium, Alt x ≈ is living in a different shape and Valentine Gallardo joined Avril in organizing the residency 'Dyke Narratives'.

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

Avril wanted to create a festival that aims at redefining sex, proposing a partial experience of what sex could be. The lack of sexual education we received as kids adults, the amount of stories we see where sex is mainly heterosexual and linked to performance, hit hard, disrespect and man oriented make them want to share goofy, fun sex and self experimentation, to go towards self-knowledge and self-practice. At that time Leïla and Avril where living in the same house in Schaerbeek, and they talked a lot about their works and projects, when Avril talked to Leïla about this festival zhe wanted to be part of the organisations and elaborate it more deeply together.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

Avril: When I saw people coming the first day of the festival a bit shy and in some clothes that matches the gender they were probably socialized in and come back the second day in clothes that match who they are and looking at ease and having big smiles. That is when I thought this is a success.

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

Avril: Favorite spots was Mother and Daughters when it happened in any shape it took, Naast Monique <3 and the ride by Les Déchainé•e•s !

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?

Alt x ≈ Solo 2019
Alt x ≈ Fluid 2020

Alt x ≈, 2022

*based on queer archives