We host parties, events and radio shows that aim to promote womxn DJ's and musicians. In the events we host, we try to put the accent on joy and kindness, we like to bring good sound and fine visuals, and try to make the artists as comfortable as possible. We are lucky to have allies who encourage us by helping us with the parties, as well as the graphic design and web. Our parties are auto financed and we aim to pay each artist equally, if we make any benefit it is carried over to the next event. When Poxcat crew are invited to DJ, we try to stick to a narrative and come up with mixes that fit with the context.

Who’s involved in it?

Our small collective started in 2017 with Juliette Romero ( Amigo III), Eve De Campo (Hyppocampo) and Roberta Miss (+Nurse+), Marouchka Payen ( Marouchka) joined the collective last year.

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

We started the collective because we wanted to DJ and we couldn't get enough dates, together we felt stronger... We also shared a desire to hear and see more womxn on the scene. Our radio show residencies are an opportunity for us to invite, meet and hear womxn. Some of our guests had never DJed or were really beginners when they came on the show, most of them have since grown to become important figures of the Brussels musical scene, and that is really empowering. It proves to us how important these independent radios are, they are safe spaces where the artists can try things out without the pressure of being in front of a live audience.
In the context of Poxcat, collectivity is first about reinforcing and pushing each other forwards, but also more pragmatically, about sharing the organisation of the various events, radio shows as well as opening the field of musical styles and their respective networks. It is also about love and tolerance and allowing each other to thrive in her uniqueness. A bit like a salad, the more diverse ingredients, the more tasty!

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

At the Vice Party at VK, we had to take over the decks after another collective who had excited the crowd, we started playing feeling a little overwhelmed, when suddenly our friends we're on the stage with us: Luz was dancing like mad and Clara! got hold of the mic and improvised a live session... it was crazy, the crowd screamed and we felt blessed! Another great one, was the Kunst closing party at Beursschouwburg, where we dressed as painters with large white shirts and french berrets on our heads. Nobody got the point and we looked a little misplaced :))

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

Malaïka Coffee, Le Tri Postal, Le Student (Schaerbeek), L' Eau Chaude, Beursschouwburg, Kiosk Radio, Cinéma Nova...

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?


POXCAT, 2021

*based on queer archives