BAD is Brussels Almanack Dykes.

BAD is an attempt to get as many as possible Brussels based queer & feminist spaces on the map.

BAD is showing the past, present and future of Brussels’ queer life, both on- and off-line.

BAD talks to queer, trans, gender nonconforming & non-binary people.

BAD is deliberately chaotic and jumps back and forth between generations and timelines.

BAD has a new fortune teller for every day in the top right corner.

A note regarding the questionnaires.

Everyone uses their own language and we only do minor edits. Should you find parts that you don’t agree with or that need an update, please let us know, we are super thankful.
We are trying to make this a space to show all things queer and feminist that are going on in Brussels. We hope that all these places are doing their best to guarantee the safety of our communities but at the same time we can’t guarantee this.
We called this website Brussels Almanack Dykes because we are a bunch of Dykes who got together to create it. It is however a collection of all things queer and feminist and for everybody who feels connected or interested.

Concept & Content: Jessica Gysel, Mara Ittel & Mia Melvær
Graphic design: Roxanne Maillet
Web development: Loraine Furter & Loriane Panel

Special thanks to Despina Vassiliadou, Ariane Poisson and all the amazing people that answered the questionnaires and contributed to this website.

BAD is an initiative of Girls Heart Brussels.

With the support of equal.brussels, Egalité de Chances de la Ville de Bruxelles & visit.brussels.

*based on queer archives