BICOLI COLLECTIVE is a feminist self-managed library that opened its doors to readers in Brussels in February 2021 after 2 years of brainstorming and discussions. The collective gives free access to a collection of essays, fanzines, comics, novels and poems about feminism, LGBTQIA+ activism, decolonialism, anti-validism, ecology…

It is particularly important for us to make Bicoli a welcoming place where everyone can come to gather information, rest, learn, discuss, express themselves... Within this perspective, the collective tries to organize regular events, including: collective readings, video clubs, and more recently open-mic presentations and fanzine production.

Mediation It is important for us to think about the way we mediate and give access to the resources we propose. We are aware that reading is not necessarily accessible to everyone & that publishing houses sometimes perpetuate power dynamics and discrimination. In the coming months we will be putting in place various tools that will allow our visitors to better find their way around, and above all not to feel overwhelmed by the resources made available. This will be done by putting in place guides, mind maps, recontextualization notes attached to the books... While waiting for these tools to be completed, do not hesitate to take advantage of our opening hours to get some advice and/or ask us questions. We are open to any suggestions concerning our mediation and the choice of books that the library could acquire as long as it remains relevant to the line of thought our collective wants to establish.

Who's involved in it ?

We’re a group of approximately 10-12 people. Everyone is involved regarding their availabilities. And everyone is working on diverse “missions”/projects into the collective work. PoC people are involved in the collective but it’s mostly white people. Lesbians, bisexual, trans people and non-binary people are taking part of the group.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

The re-opening of the library at the new place in early September was a very grateful moment. There were also an open mic and a live fanzine creation going on. A lot of people came and it was a very nice event.

Could you describe the accessibility of your space?

Here is our accessibility chart (only in french for the moment)

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?

Bicoli is located within a shared house in Ixelles (we only give the address privately). It is important for us to incorporate the collective in our daily life and to welcome our readers during weekly opening hours. These are announced in our posts and front page stories on social media.


*based on queer archives