Just for the Record

Just for the Record is multidisciplinary collective investigating how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia. Since 2015 the collective addresses the intersections between gender and the way history gets written, spoken, drawn, shouted through workshops, recipes, conferences, exhibitions and visual work.

Who’s involved in it?

Sarah Magnan, Loraine Furter, Mia Melvær, Myriam A Goulet

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

We started by wanting to learn more about the structures that shape the poor gender-representation on Wikipedia and similar collaborative knowledge-platforms. As a way to learn and discuss we started organising public events with talks and lectures by people we admired, it was like spinning a yarn, one topic led to questions about the next. Our first event questioned why there are no Wikipedia pages on the topic of Heroines, and 3 events later we were looking into human-bot collaboration.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

Good food has always been central to our events, and we have collaborated with different friends for the catering, so the best memories must be all the food we shared whilst diving into these conversations. Another memory is how the first few events gathered people from different social circles in Brussels, many of whom have stayed close friends to this day.

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

Constant VZW for deep dives into intersectional cyber feminist exploration, La Vieille Chechette for a moment on the terrace, Marché de la Glacière for buying some wine en vrac to bring to the parc du Forest.

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?


Just for the Record, 2021

*based on queer archives