Charlotte de Bruges

Charlotte de Bruges is a persona born and alive only on Internet. I used to create a weird persona at the beginning, but now it’s kind of my virtual and activist me. With this pseudo, I animate different profiles and blogs on social networks : facebook, instagram and tumblr mostly. I use my sense of sarcastic humour to comment all the sexist / LGBTQIphobic shits I find on mainstream medias, political tweets, or news in general. I also share lesbian genius of course ! As Emilie Martineau, I’m interested in LBTQ spaces, especially with my master's thesis about lesbian bars in Brussels (2018). I sometimes participates in conferences, round tables, university courses… about gender / sexuality / spaces (or town).

Who’s involved in it?

Just me and myself :)

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

I started Charlotte de Bruges when I was a lesbian Parisian in 2011, because the French « Manif Pour Tous » happened (people against the French law « mariage pour tous » allowing wedding between two men or two women). I created first an email address to spam (traditionalist) Catholic groups. Then it became a facebook profile and a tumblr blog, plus many others to come (all about spamming internet Catholic websites and social medias). In 2016, all my tumblr blogs disappeared because of a cyber attack. After that, I continued to create other blogs and posts, more about feminist and queer issues, but still with jokes everywhere. My goal has always been the same : create LBTQ virtual content to fill all the place I can in hetero-cyber-land. In 2017-18, as Emilie Martineau, I went back to uni and studied in the first gender studies master of Belgique francophone. For my end of year thesis, I chose to work on IRL lesBIan spaces, to participate in the visibility of lesbian issues in gender studies, and in « archiving » Bruxelles’ lesbian mostly-bars of the moment (RainbowHouse bar’s lesbian events, Baragouine, Mothers & Daughters, Apéritifs Lesbiens de Madame Charvet). The thesis is online (link bellow).

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

The Crazy Circle of course!! Finally a permanent lesbian bar in Bruxelles! And I never miss any Madame Charvet’s apéro gouin, or any Mo&Da* springtime lesbian bar. I’m not a « night bird » so I really enjoy afternoon and aperitif queer places, which are so rare and precious in Bruxelles.

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?


Charlotte de Bruges, 2020

*based on queer archives