Femixion is a feminist science-fiction fanzine. For each issue we invite about ten women whose work we love to contribute by offering photos, novels and comics on a theme (already published : « Trou Noir », « Friction », « Fluides » and « Alcôve »).

Who’s involved in it?

We are a collective of four women artists : Laureline Mahéo (pluridisciplinary artist), Morgane Somville (illustrator), Marie Baurins (cultural manager) and Loriane Panel (graphic designer).

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

Our first motivation was to create from our entourage's talents. All of us knew gifted women who had set aside their practice for a reason or another and we wanted to bring these people together around a project. We created Femixion as a place of free expression for women and people who identify as women. It soon evolved as the circle of participants expanded : now it is not only our close friends who participate anymore but also artists we didn't know before they read Femixion who want to participate.

Do you want to share a special memory with us?

One of our best memories was the vernissage at Les ateliers du Toner after the residency we made there. Visitors had to pass through a spaceship we built as an exhibition. The dashboard was made in polyurethan foam and the shell in shiny blanket, we finished it like twenty minutes before the beginning of the vernissage !

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

Some of our favorite spots in Brussels : first , there is Les ateliers du Toner; where we print our issues. They host print residency and it is always qualitative ! We love the feminists bookstores in Brussels, especially Tulitu where the owner organises events with authors and lectures.

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?

Physically you can find copies of Femixion in the library of Les Ateliers du Toner and at the Gallery Sterput.


Femixion, 2020

*based on queer archives