MISSFITTE is a women's raveground:
A queer-forward concept hosting underground club nights, talks & workshops with women at the core. The project's purpose is to grow as a caring shelter for music (heart)beats & rave creatures, where techno love seeds are dropped into one's burning soul while house drums release the body.

Who’s involved in it?

Noemi Cano is a non-binary woman, founder and general coordinator of MISSFITTE. She's also a communication professional with experience in events and project management both in cultural and corporate environments. In June 2021, Adebissi Adeye joined the team to contribute to the reflection of the events, their practical implementation and administrative tasks. He/she is also involved in communities as a project manager and youth worker in different socio-cultural queer projects.

Resident DJs: Anna Yad and Melissa Juice.

What’s your origin story and your motivation?

MISSFITTE was born from the need to have more visible queer women presence in Brussel's electronic underground scene.
~ MISS ~
Title before the name of place, or a quality, that a woman has been selected to represent.
Norwegian for “cunt”.
A person not suited in behavior or attitude to a particular social environment.
Title of respect for a woman representing a bold attitude in a macho-centered electronic scene.

What are some of your favorite spots in Brussels?

• Venues: Naast Monique, Studio CityGate, Hectolitre, LaVallée, Beursschouwburg, C12 (especially in their beginnings), FFORMATT(now closed).
• Parties: Technoon (so sad it's over), Horst, Pink Night, Schmink, Gay Haze, Soirées Chaudière.

Where can we find you virtually and/or physically?



*based on queer archives